September 08, 2003

Number 1

In my mind, I've tried to prioritize what to do first when I get the keys to the house. The most important thing seems to be an overall deep cleaning. Lots of mopping, dusting, and scrubbing to do. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom to prep those rooms for painting. Then I've got to get the flooring estimates for the kitchen and bathroom. I think I'm going to install marmoleum - tiles in the kitchen and a sheet in the bathroom. Next on the list would be refinishing the main bedroom floor and the hallway. I think I'll do this myself, even though it might look different than the rest of the wood floors, which are in great shape. But it's all I can afford to do now. During this entire time, I also plan on moving stuff little by little so I don't get overwhelmed. I hope.

Posted by actionhero at September 8, 2003 10:50 AM

those sound like mighty ambitious plans to me, who has problems even putting nails in the walls to hang up pictures. i've got my fingers crossed for ya!!

Posted by: Carolyn at September 10, 2003 06:45 AM

Hi Melissa,
Congrats on your house! It looks very Portland. I must warn you that home ownership seriously cuts into knitting and sewing time! Anyway, we have the Forbo Marmoleum in our bathroom and Armstrong Marmorette in the kitchen. We love them both. Here in Hicktown, CA, it was very, very difficult to find anyone to install it (of course, in Portland EVERYONE has linoleum!).

Good luck (and I'll bet your local fabric store is Fabric Depot?)

Posted by: Mariko at September 9, 2003 01:16 PM