October 02, 2003

Spackled Out

I spackled all the cracks and holes in the bathroom last night. Didn't take too long. I'll need to do the sanding tonight. Then I can paint this weekend! Yay! I'm using Laura Ashley colors. The bathroom walls will be painted Pale Cowslip 2 (light yellow) with the cabinets and drawers being painted in Thalia (gentle white). All window and door trim and doors will be painted in Bleached Wheat (cream). Hopefully one room will be completely done. I talked to the flooring people and I'm going in this afternoon to check out remnants and colors for the Marmoleum I want in the bathroom and kitchen. They are holding this remnant for me, called Fresco.

Update: I chose a different remnant instead. This one called flax. They're installing both the kitchen and bathroom floors on Oct. 14. The kitchen floor will be charcoal and ivory tiles on the diagonal.

Posted by actionhero at October 2, 2003 12:31 PM