February 23, 2004

Lookin' Good

I spent almost the entire weekend prepping and painting my bedroom. And it's almost done! On Friday night, after dinner with some friends, I sanded all the spackled parts of the walls. Then on Saturday morning I wiped down all the walls to get rid of the dust. I got all my supplies together so I could start in on the ceiling first. I'm using all Laura Ashley paint colors and the ceilings and the trim throughout the house is painted Bleached Wheat. Next, I primed the walls and then painted them a light, almost silver, gray, called Sterling. It's very pretty and calming. Yesterday, I finished up a second coat on the walls and then did the ceiling molding. All that's left is the baseboard molding, the doors, and the windows. I'm also planning on painting some red rectangle accents on the wall behind my bed and my dresser. I haven't decided on any specific window treatments yet, though I'm leaning toward some bamboo shades. I also need to get some bids on refinishing the wood floor. I may as well do it now when the room is empty!

Posted by actionhero at February 23, 2004 11:14 AM