March 05, 2004

In the Closet

The other night I moved all my clothes into my closet. They had all been hanging in the laundry room in the basement, and subsequently, picking up a slight oil furnace smell. Ick. Not everything fits in the closet, so I need to weed out clothes I never wear, as well as not hang up t-shirts, etc. I also need to move in all my shoes and sweaters. Last night I hung some jute roman blinds that I got at Target. They match the cream-colored trim quite well and look pretty good. The only other things I really need to do are paint the red rectangular wall accents and wash the floor in preparation for the 9x12 frisee shag rug that I bought the other day. I get to pick it up next Wednesday. I decided to forego the refinishing of the floors because I was only going to do my room and the hallway. All the floors should be done if I'm going to do it at all. Once I get the rug, I can set up my bed and move in the dresser. And I can relax!

Posted by actionhero at March 5, 2004 09:02 AM