March 25, 2004

Projects Galore

So, B's brother is here to help us with house projects! Yay! Last night they started bagging up all the old insulation in preparation for blowing in the new insulation. The dining room wallpaper has also been taken off. There is a little fuzz left on the walls, but that should come off in a snap with some hot soapy water and a scraper. The other priorities to focus on are the backdraft from the oil furnace that comes through the basement fireplace, a broken window pane, installing a new digital thermostat, and building new fences. There are lots of other little things too, but those are the most important.

Posted by actionhero at March 25, 2004 12:38 PM

You exude energy! How old are you?! (I'm just jealous) I bought a house in March of 2000 and the only project I have done is have the outside painted (by someone else!). Looking forward to seeing all your projects. Maybe I'll be inspired!

Posted by: Cruz at March 26, 2004 06:23 PM