April 27, 2004

Paint & Lounge

Over the weekend, I painted the foyer area by the side door that leads into the basement. I decided to go with Laura Ashley Taupe 4, which is what I also want to use to paint the living room. Originally, I wanted Taupe 5, but I thought it was a little too dark. When I started painting on Friday evening, I was a bit worried with my color choice because it looked like a cross between peach and tan. Thank goodness it dried much darker and richer. Now it looks like the color of a latte or mocha. It also matches the carpet on the stairs and goes well with the green banister. I love it!

I've also included a picture of the rewebbed aluminum folding chair. It's a little wonky because the new webbing was three inches wide whereas the old stuff was only two and a quarter inches wide. But it stills seems to work well. I did happen to receive my other webbing in the mail yesterday and that is the correct width, but I don't know if I want to take all the three inch stuff off. That may be too wasteful. I already wasted a lot of it by precutting strips that were the wrong length. Oh well, at least the blue webbing matches the blue armrests.

Posted by actionhero at April 27, 2004 08:50 AM