December 20, 2004


This is the Ottenby bench I got from IKEA this weekend. I love it! Right now it's behind the couch, but it will go in front of the big window once the aluminum tree is put away. Other things I got: lime green plastic watering can, Muck metal storage bins, stainless steel bowl, picture frames, and champagne flutes.

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December 13, 2004

Home Dec

I spent most of yesterday putting up and decorating an aluminum Christmas tree and finally putting some art up on the walls. The aluminum tree is my parents' and is what we had when I was a little kid. When I was in elementary school, I was the one responsible for putting up the tree every year. I hated it. I always wanted a real tree. Later, my sister had taken possession of the aluminum tree and since she wasn't using it this year, I asked if I could put it up. I didn't really have any ornaments either, so I got soem great glass ones that my parents had in their basement. I also took the time to put up the clipboards. I had wanted to do 12 clipboards (two rows of six), but thought that might be overkill in such a small space. I think the one row looks fine. I have been clipping lots of articles and pictures to use with the boards, so I can rotate them in.

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