June 29, 2006

On the Beaten Path

B started his path project yesterday. This is the path next to the garage that leads to the backyard. It was just a plain dirt pathway with a few weeds thrown here and there. B has it dug down about halfway–it needs to be about eight inches deep to place the pavers down. The gravel will fill up the space in between the pavers. It looks like the drop box may be completely full by the time he is done!

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June 02, 2006

Fancy FLOR

I had always wanted to try Interface FLOR carpet tiles in my house, but didn't have the need for a new rug until now. The previous rug in the dining room was a natural fiber jute number that I had purchased during a Pier 1 sale. It was getting pretty dirty and had a rather large water stain on it from the plant whose pot overflowed. So, when I got the 20% off sale notice, I decided to take the plunge. After much contemplation, I decided on the Morning Coffee series in Dark Roast. Originally, I was going to get lots of bright, random-colored tiles, but instead I opted for the textured tiles. Installation was super easy and I love the parquet pattern of the rug.

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