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Thursday, August 01, 2002

Darn It!

So the LYS had no more Goa in stock. I bought the last of it and since it's a cotton yarn, they said they wouldn't be buying anymore for the fall. Here's the problem...the sweater required 450 grams of yarn. I bought 450 grams. However, one skein was a slightly brighter lime color and I didn't notice because it didn't have a label on it. I just assumed it was the same. I noticed it was different when I tried to use it for continuing the body of the sweater. I've usually had lots of leftover yarn with the Rebecca patterns I've knit in the past and I figured I might be okay. But when I was knitting both sleeves at once, I realized I didn't have enough. What I decided to do was frog both sleeves and use the other lime color for a contrast ribbing on the sleeves as well as the neckline. (See picture to the right.) I'm also making the sleeves a little shorter than the pattern says. Hopefully, it'll turn out okay. Pictures next week...


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