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Friday, June 04, 2004

Facing Out

This dress is practically done. I just have the zipper, belt, and the hem to work on. The hem should be fairly cinchy, especially if I just want to fray it. I had major seam ripping going on last night though as I was sewing the facings to the front and back. Since the facings are sewn on the outside, there are some pieces that needed to be sewn together the way they aren't usually sewn. For instance, I had sewn the right sides of the facings to the right sides of the front and backs when it should have been the wrong sides. I also had sewn the shoulders of the front and backs with the rights sides together when it should have been the wrong sides together. I must not have been reading the directions very clearly because, of course, I didn't realize my mistakes until I was pulling the backs through the facings to turn it right side out. Ack! At least it all got straightened out and I was still in bed by 11.


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