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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Slow Going

Knitting has been very slow on the Alexi fronts with all the sewing I've been focusing on lately. But I was able to knit a little at lunchtime today. I hope to make more progress during the holiday weekend too.

In Apparel Construction class, I learned how to do a tissue fitting for the commercial pants pattern I bought. Basically, you pin the inseam together and then put the pattern on and have a partner help you pin the rest together so that it fits your body. You make new markings and then cut out the pattern accordingly. Most of the patterns were too big, which goes to show how wacky commercial pattern sizing is. My pattern just about fit me perfectly, so I didn't have to make any alterations, which was a bummer because I wanted the experience of having to alter something. But, I can always do another tissue fitting later. I'm also taking a Textiles class and I think that will be really fun. For homework this week, we get to do fabric burn tests to look at characteristics of different fabrics.

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