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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bohemian Mod Dress

I finished this dress yesterday afternoon. I was a bit daunted by the prospect of having to do the all-in-one facing, but that turned out to be the easy part. The hard part was the invisible zipper because my invisible zipper foot is worn out, especially when sewing on the left side. I had to use the seam ripper several times to get that right. It's a plastic zipper foot that has gotten a bit warped with time, so I'll need to get a new one. After I learned how to sew in invisible zippers, I never use the regular kind anymore. Since redraping the dress and making some slight alterations, it fits me perfectly. It will be great to wear once the warmer weather hits.

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Anonymous Anna said...

This is gorgeous! Was it from a pattern? I would love to try it...

9:13 PM

Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks Anna! This pattern was draped by me.

2:11 PM


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