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Monday, January 05, 2009

Vacation Project

Here's another project that I finished for a friend's kid. It's a puppy purse. The pattern was miniaturized from a puppy pillow pattern that I purchased during my middle school home economics days. There were all these different pillow patterns: roller skate, hamburger, surfboard, lightbulb, chicken, etc. They all involved handstitching, felt, and cotton. Did anyone else have them?

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Blogger missliz said...

No, I didn't have the patterns but love the purse! I am sure the recipient did too!!

11:06 AM

Blogger treehugger said...

I'm de-lurking (which I only to once like every 10,000 years) because I totally remember those kits. I LOVED them. Are they even around anymore?

Very cute purse, by the way. Your friend's kid is super lucky!

4:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally remember those patterns, I made the roller skate, surfboard, and hamburger! I was really into those! I can't believe you still have the puppy pattern. Stored at your mom's warehouse, maybe? I had a flashback of making shirred eggs and our teacher drinking plain hot water nonstop when I read your entry. Yuck! We did learn to sew, though. If you want another great nostalgia trip, you should look for the book Barbie Fashion 1975-1979, a complete catalog of all the clothes we had and more. It's a hippie-disco poly-cotton wonderland! Thanks for the memories....

Cousin C.

6:42 PM


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