September 22, 2003

The Wall

I spent all weekend moving, scraping, and cleaning. I'm a bit tired, but can't complain because things were quite productive. I will officially be in the house by this Saturday!

B and I started scraping wallpaper the first day I got the keys and the first layer came off pretty easily. But after that the water soaking method wasn't cutting it. We had to resort to wallpaper removal chemicals. That worked better. The process is slow going, but considering that we started on Wednesday, I'd say we were making good progress. I really wanted to do a deep clean of the house and started in on the basement first since that is where I will probably be living while the main floor is worked on. I mopped all the floors three times, but realized I was just spreading all the dirt around and they weren't getting clean. In the family room, where the second fireplace is, there was a lot of ashy soot that I tried to sweep up but it just ended up blowing around. There were lots of sooty streaks in that room. I ended up scrubbing the floors a fourth time on my hands and knees with a wet rag, followed by a dry rag. That worked pretty well. I also gave the garage a good cleaning and whacked some overgrown bushes in the backyard. I just have to repeat to myself, "One project at a time." So far, so good.

Posted by actionhero at September 22, 2003 01:24 PM