September 24, 2003


I'm tired. Since I got the keys last Wednesday, I've been to the house everyday after work to clean or move. But a lot is being accomplished so I feel good about that. A friend helped me scrub down the bathroom last night as B continued to scrape wallpaper, which is almost all off! The bathroom was pretty grimy, but I must say it looks good and clean now. It's all prepped for being painted. I can't wait for the new floors to be installed in the bathroom and kitchen too. The rooms were measured on Friday, but I haven't received the estimate yet.

I was supposed to hear on Monday, but I think the woman who came out to the house got sick and wasn't in the office then or Tuesday. Plus, she cut a section of existing linoleum off and sent it to get tested for asbestos. So she may be waiting to get that back. Does it normally take this long to get an estimate? I'm a little miffed about that, but I got such a good vibe from the company/owners that I want to work with them and am willing to cut them some slack.

Posted by actionhero at September 24, 2003 01:46 PM