December 30, 2003

It Wasn't So Bad

It's amazing what a little vacation time will motivate you to do. I finally finished painting the six cabinet doors in the kitchen. I was able to sand them on Saturday afternoon and then painted them on Sunday and Monday. I rehung them today. There is one that is hanging a little wonky so it doesn't close perfectly, but hey, it's part of the charm of a house built in 1948. The only thing I'm a bit concerned about is the possibility of breathing in lead paint dust from all the sanding. Oh well. I've only got five more sets of doors to go! I'm painting the bit of trim above the sink tonight.

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December 26, 2003


I finally got around to sanding two of the six kitchen cabinet doors I need to prep and paint. I figure if I do them two at a time, I won't get too burned out. I hope to finish all the doors by early next week. Then I need to look for fireplace doors and start scraping wallpaper in my bedroom.

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December 22, 2003

Easy 1-2-3 Art Photo Paint-By-Numbers

When my living and dining rooms are completed, I am going to adorn the walls with some of this personalized paint-by-number art! [via]

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December 10, 2003

Something New!

Finally, something house-related to report on! Last night I went to Storables to buy an Industrial Post kitchen cart. I had priced a smaller one (14"x24") weeks before. However, I didn't have my notebook with me that has various room measurements in it and after going home and measuring the space next to the stove again, I realized I could get the next bigger sized cart (18"x24"). All together the cart was only $152. I though that was pretty reasonable for the quality I was getting. The most expensive part of the cart was the butcher block overlay. I don't know if the cookbooks will stay on the bottom shelf or not. I just wanted to get them out of the basement!

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December 03, 2003

House Arrest

So I have not done any house projects for the entire month of November. I've been knitting like a mad person getting ready for the Holiday Handmade Bazaar that's this Sunday. My goal was to make a scarf a day during November so that I would have at least 30 scarves to sell. I am four scarves away from my goal. Once the bazaar is over though, I am hoping to get back to those pesky kitchen cabinets and the scraping of wallpaper in my bedroom!

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