November 18, 2003


Over the weekend, I decided to put aside the painting of the cabinets for something more gratifying...unpacking the rest of my boxes! I spent a good chunk of Saturday unpacking all my kitchen boxes since the insides of the cabinets had been painted and wiped down again. I unpacked five boxes! There is enough room for everything, but my only problem is having an older home with kitchen shelves that aren't adjustable. All the cooking oils and vinegars had to be put in a lower cabinet since they wouldn't fit over the stove. The only stuff that remains in the basement are my clothes, shoes, and furniture or stuff that is supposed to go in the living or dining rooms; much smaller piles that are much more manageable.

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November 12, 2003


I spent yesterday's holiday finally painting the insides of the cupboards that are under the sink and counter. I realized it wasn't the painting I was dreading, but the sanding. Unfortunately, I forgot to take before pictures, but everything is now white instead of hot pink. Those lower cupboards were bad; there were cracks and the paint had been scraped off on several of the sides. The space under the sink was the worst since the pipes had been leaking and caused the bottom of the cabinet to warp. (BTW, I asked for new pipes before moving in.) I ripped all that wood out and nailed in a new piece. With everything white, it all looks as good as new!

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November 07, 2003

Furnace Check

So the furnace guy came this morning and said the smell is the smell of oil burning. When I first tried to turn the heat on as it became colder, it didn't work. So I had gone down to the basement and played around with all the buttons I could find. Apparently that red button on the side of the furnace was the reset button, which shouldn't be pushed more than twice because it squirts oil into the chamber. Well, it was probably pushed about 10 times between B and me. Oops. The actual power switch was inside the furnace. The repair person suggested we just keep the heat to try and burn off all the oil. He checked for carbon monoxide too but found none. Just to be safe, I'm off to buy carbon monoxide alarms and a new thermostat.

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November 05, 2003

Uh Oh

So, I just started turning on the furnace since it has gotten so cold here. And when the furnace kicks in, you can smell the oil for the first few seconds and then it dissipates. But then when you go down into the basement you can smell the opil at the top of the stairs. There must be a leak somewhere. Could this be the first big problem I have? Eek! A repairperson is scheduled for Friday morning.

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November 01, 2003

Final Picture

Here's a picture of the finished bedroom with dry paint and fixtures back on.

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