June 23, 2004

Idle Time

Well, ever since B's brother left, we haven't done many house projects at all. I did wash the walls done in the dining room and have also spackled all the holes and cracks. I just need to sand that down and then figure out what to do with the ceiling. The ceiling in the dining room is textured and when I moved in some of the paint was flaking off and cracked. I started scraping some of it off a while back, but there is no way that I want to take the time to scrape the entire ceiling. The paint is only flaking off in certain places, not everywhere, so that's what the problem is. I don't know if I can spackle the edges of the areas I have scraped off and blend it in with the rest of the other areas. I just want to hire someone to do it for me!

Posted by actionhero at 04:26 PM

June 01, 2004

Before & After: Hallway

I forgot to show pictures of the hallway when I finished it two weekends ago. The closet shows the wallpaper that used to be in the hallway. Now it is white with the bleached wheat trim. I've kept the closet intact as a reminder of what the house used to look like with all the different wall coverings. I've got to tackle the last two rooms soon. Perhaps that is what this upcoming weekend will be spent on.

Posted by actionhero at 08:53 AM