May 17, 2004


Well, I didn't get the Boontonware plates and bowls. Good thing too because I ended up finding some nice polypropylene plasticware on sale at a local store. The plates and bowls came in a set of six rainbow colors. It's not as durable as melamine, but it was cheaper and will still be better than paper plates. I also managed to get a bunch of flatware on sale at Target--12 pieces for $4.99! What a bargain!

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May 12, 2004

In the Hallway

So, last weekend, I was able to paint the second and final coat of white paint in the hallway. Originally it was going to be the same taupe color as the living room, but I decided to paint it with the white that I had used in the kitchen and bathroom to brighten it up. Plus, the white goes well with the colors int eh surrounding rooms. I had bought this gallon of white paint for finishing up the kitchen cupboards, but then realized that I bought it in satin finish instead of semi gloss. So, I decided to put it to use instead of wasting it. I just need to finish the trim and then I can take pictures.

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Latest Obsession

So, I've stocked up on lawn furniture, made a backyard dining table, stocked up on citronella candles and outdoor globe lanterns, and bought a charcoal grill. My next few purchases will complete my goal of being ready to entertain and host backyard barbecues and parties. I need outdoor dining tableware and this is what I'm currently trying to win on eBay. Melmac Boontonware plates and bowls and Melmac burlap beverage sets.

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May 03, 2004

Garden Party

I love this backyard table I made over the weekend! I got these two larger than average doors from a friend a while back. They were originally sliding doors from a closet or some such place. I primed and painted the one door Saturday afternoon and then painted a final coat on Sunday. I think it turned out great. I love how the crisp white contrasts with the blue legs of the sawhorses. Of course I had to make a trip to Target to buy a striped tablecloth and a pair of small matching globe lanterns. Also pictured are the two newly rewebbed lawn chairs. The orange one is the one B found on the side of the road. We used all the chairs when we had some friends over to hang out in the backyard. Last night was the first time we used our new grill too. We had some tasty pork chops and sweet white corn. The backyard will be a fun place to entertain this summer!

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