April 30, 2004


These are the sawhorses I bought yesterday for the backyard table I'm making. I have these two huge sliding doors that were originally just sitting in the garage at a friend's house. They're hollow so I didn't want to attach legs to them. I plan to use one as a work/craft table when needed and I want to paint the other one for use as a dining table out back. I'll just paint it white and possibly paint stripes or polka dots on it.

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Found Object

So, B comes home last night from an afternoon of fishing and pulls out an old aluminum lawn chair he found on the side of the road! The webbing is shot, but I can use the orange replacement webbing I got in the mail last week. It's the right width and everything! Before and after pictures later.

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April 27, 2004

Paint & Lounge

Over the weekend, I painted the foyer area by the side door that leads into the basement. I decided to go with Laura Ashley Taupe 4, which is what I also want to use to paint the living room. Originally, I wanted Taupe 5, but I thought it was a little too dark. When I started painting on Friday evening, I was a bit worried with my color choice because it looked like a cross between peach and tan. Thank goodness it dried much darker and richer. Now it looks like the color of a latte or mocha. It also matches the carpet on the stairs and goes well with the green banister. I love it!

I've also included a picture of the rewebbed aluminum folding chair. It's a little wonky because the new webbing was three inches wide whereas the old stuff was only two and a quarter inches wide. But it stills seems to work well. I did happen to receive my other webbing in the mail yesterday and that is the correct width, but I don't know if I want to take all the three inch stuff off. That may be too wasteful. I already wasted a lot of it by precutting strips that were the wrong length. Oh well, at least the blue webbing matches the blue armrests.

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April 19, 2004

Luscious brightly colored floors

Over at the Apartment Therapy blog, Max has a great post about How To: Paint Your Floors and Not Screw it Up. He and his wife repainted the floors in their summer house and it looks lovely. Makes me long for a place where I could do this. I've never been much of a rug person, and this seems like such an interesting alternative, if you've got the right kind of space.


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Hooked Up

After finishing my pillowcase sewing project, I watched some old movies (1990s old) on cable and then decided to finally start on my hook wall project. I got the idea from Design Within Reach. I was going to use a wall in the living room, but decided to use the garage once all the shelves had been removed. I think it was easier to have used a wood wall rather than a plaster wall too. It probably took me about two weeks to collect about 40 hooks. Right now the wall has 28 hooks, but I plan to add one more row for a total of 35. It's part art, part function. I love it!

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April 15, 2004


I have recently developed this obsession with finding lawn furniture for the backyard. As a kid, my family always had the aluminum folding chairs with green and white webbed stripes. I have been searching for this furniture and have been able to find a few auctions on eBay. The pictures above show the auctions I have won. I also have another bid in for one more auction of four chairs that combine the webbing and the tubing. My mom also gave me one adult and one child-sized folding lounge chair of the same style. I was excited about that because I have not been able to find any chaise lounge style aluminum chairs with webbing. I was glad to find that eBay also has someone that sells rolls of the webbing in case you need to fix up a chair.

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April 14, 2004

Our House

B's brother is just about ready to wrap up his trip here and head back home. We got a lot of stuff done, though it may not look like it initially. The remaining rooms are almost ready to paint. The big fix-it project this week was the shower valve diverter. B was able to get the correct replacement part from a local plumbing store and cancel the plumber coming out, along with his $191 fee. Previously, a ton of hot water was coming out the spout and going straight down the drain when the shower was on. Now, no water comes out the spout at all. Woohoo!

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April 07, 2004

What? No More Wallpaper?!

This past weekend I had the goal of getting the wallpaper out of the hallway, the last place where there was any left. I was shy of my goal by a few walls, but was able to get the rest off on Monday after work. Hallelujah! Last night I started scrubbing down the hallway to get off residual glue and paper. I finished two walls and should finish the remaining ones during this last part of the week. My goal for this weekend will be to prime and paint the hallway. The light at the end of the tunnel is slowly getting brighter.

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April 01, 2004


the new fence

living room with most of the wallpaper off...

...just need to get rid of that fuzzy layer

the dining room

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