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Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Mail Day

I came home to find my new issue of Rebecca waiting for me, as well as a large package at the door. Pictured above, on the right, is the next project I will probably start once the Alexi cardigan is finished. I love the stitch used in this sweater, as well as the three-quarter length sleeves, and the wide waistband ribbing. It was made with a new GGH yarn called Tara, which is a cashmere-like cotton variation of their Bel Air yarn, which I used for the lattice work sweater.

The package contained the Sew EZ Board that I ordered a couple of weeks back. I've been wanting one of these boards for a while to block all my knits on. I got the larger board, 33" x 51", and I can't wait to use it! It's very durable and sturdy. I got the board online at Joann's while it was on sale for $69.99 and then used a free shipping coupon.

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