September 24, 2003

New Whirlpool Refrigerator

Here's the fridge I got for the house. I had a slight problem because the space for the fridge is only 64" tall. Most fridges are at least 65"-66" tall. So I had to get a 15 cubic foot fridge. This one is about 63" tall, so it should fit perfectly even with the new marmoleum laid in. I also got a new microwave and toaster. They're all white. I wanted stainless steel appliances, but no smaller stainless fridges exist. I also originally wanted all Kenmore appliances. I went to Sears to check for an appropriately sized Kenmore fridge and found one, but then they couldn't deliver it on Saturday when I will be completely moved into the house.

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I'm tired. Since I got the keys last Wednesday, I've been to the house everyday after work to clean or move. But a lot is being accomplished so I feel good about that. A friend helped me scrub down the bathroom last night as B continued to scrape wallpaper, which is almost all off! The bathroom was pretty grimy, but I must say it looks good and clean now. It's all prepped for being painted. I can't wait for the new floors to be installed in the bathroom and kitchen too. The rooms were measured on Friday, but I haven't received the estimate yet.

I was supposed to hear on Monday, but I think the woman who came out to the house got sick and wasn't in the office then or Tuesday. Plus, she cut a section of existing linoleum off and sent it to get tested for asbestos. So she may be waiting to get that back. Does it normally take this long to get an estimate? I'm a little miffed about that, but I got such a good vibe from the company/owners that I want to work with them and am willing to cut them some slack.

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September 22, 2003

The Wall

I spent all weekend moving, scraping, and cleaning. I'm a bit tired, but can't complain because things were quite productive. I will officially be in the house by this Saturday!

B and I started scraping wallpaper the first day I got the keys and the first layer came off pretty easily. But after that the water soaking method wasn't cutting it. We had to resort to wallpaper removal chemicals. That worked better. The process is slow going, but considering that we started on Wednesday, I'd say we were making good progress. I really wanted to do a deep clean of the house and started in on the basement first since that is where I will probably be living while the main floor is worked on. I mopped all the floors three times, but realized I was just spreading all the dirt around and they weren't getting clean. In the family room, where the second fireplace is, there was a lot of ashy soot that I tried to sweep up but it just ended up blowing around. There were lots of sooty streaks in that room. I ended up scrubbing the floors a fourth time on my hands and knees with a wet rag, followed by a dry rag. That worked pretty well. I also gave the garage a good cleaning and whacked some overgrown bushes in the backyard. I just have to repeat to myself, "One project at a time." So far, so good.

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September 19, 2003

Did I say I wanted a house?

So I got the keys Wednesday afternoon and went over to the house later that evening. I was completely overwhelmed at what I had gotten myself into. I actually owned this house! And as I walked around from room to room, I realized I had so many things to take care of...scrape wallpaper, refinish a wood floor, scrub down the kitchen and bathroom, sweep out the garage, mop down the basement, the list goes on. But the next day, things felt a bit more manageable. Pictures to be posted later.

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September 17, 2003


I'm going to get the keys this afternoon at 4:30! Let the cleaning begin!

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September 16, 2003


I'm signing the papers this morning! I think I'll get the keys tomorrow, after the sale records. I've got an appointment for an estimate on the kitchen and bathroom floors on Friday. While I've been waiting to close, I've been doing lots of packing and have most everything packed that needs to be packed except for dishes, glasses, and clothes. I hope the moving process goes smoothly [biting my nails].

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September 13, 2003

eBay Auctions #4 & 5

Here are the other auctions I've lost. I'm sort of glad that I lost them though because I think I was really impulse shopping and getting a little too excited.

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September 12, 2003


Yesterday after work I went to the Rebuilding Center to check out their salvage materials. I had seen this great idea on Treasure Makers on HGTV. They had taken a drawer and made it into a footstool. They basically gave the drawer a padded lid and added legs to it. Then it could be used to store magazines, etc. I found three different sized drawers, all for $3. I want to make a coffee table with the biggest one and put it on casters.

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eBay Auction #3: Vintage Pink Melmac Bowl

I won this auction earlier this morning.

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September 11, 2003

eBay Auction #2: Pink Kitchen Canisters

I lost this auction. The canisters went for $40. Too much for me!

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eBay Auction #1: 50s Pink Retro Kitchen Towels

I won this auction last night. I want to use the towels to create some café curtains similar to this project. I'm also bidding on four other pink-related items for the kitchen. More pictures to come.

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September 10, 2003

Lights, Camera, Action

Here are some light fixtures in my new house.

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I just talked to my loan officer and I am closing this Friday instead of next Wednesday! Woohoo! I also talked with my realtor and we are going to check out the house again to see how the basement is doing with all this precipitation. Keep your fingers crossed!

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September 09, 2003

When It Rains, It Pours

The last few days have been really rainy. I called my realtor to find out if I could get into the house to check out the basement and see if it's leaking. About 98% of leaky basements are due to problems with gutters, which I don't think have been cleaned recently. But during the inspection, I noticed that there were a lot of major water stains on some of the walls in the basement. That sort of worried me, though the inspector said it looked like it could have been due to the water heater flooding the space, since the water heater looked newer. I just pray that it wasn't because of the rain.

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September 08, 2003

Number 1

In my mind, I've tried to prioritize what to do first when I get the keys to the house. The most important thing seems to be an overall deep cleaning. Lots of mopping, dusting, and scrubbing to do. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom to prep those rooms for painting. Then I've got to get the flooring estimates for the kitchen and bathroom. I think I'm going to install marmoleum - tiles in the kitchen and a sheet in the bathroom. Next on the list would be refinishing the main bedroom floor and the hallway. I think I'll do this myself, even though it might look different than the rest of the wood floors, which are in great shape. But it's all I can afford to do now. During this entire time, I also plan on moving stuff little by little so I don't get overwhelmed. I hope.

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Shower Curtain

Over the weekend, I made a shower curtain for the bathroom. I sewed a fabric shower curtain to go with a vinyl liner. In one Pottery Barn catalog from a couple of seasons ago, I had seen this nice white waffle weave shower curtain, but it was around $60. Way too expensive. During a subsequent trip to the fabric store, I saw the same fabric, but with a smaller waffle. On Friday I went to the same fabric store for their 40% off sale and got five yards of white waffle weave.

I threw the fabric in the washer later that evening. After drying it, the waffle weave became more distinct and puckered. It looked pretty neat. The finished size was to be 70" x 72", the same as the liner. The fabric was only 45" wide, so I had to sew two pieces together and then trim the sides in order to get the proper width. After hemming the top and bottom, I hammered in extra large silver grommets. It turned out very nice! I'll post a photo when it's actually hanging up.

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Here are some photos of the house...

I'll post more when I actually get the keys.

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Aug. 5 Received loan pre-approval
Aug. 7 Met with realtor
Aug. 8-10 Looked at housing possibilities online and did drive-bys
Aug. 11 Realtor sent listings and I did more drive-bys
Aug. 12 Put first offer on a house with a huge backyard
Aug. 14 Went to look at a second house, put an offer on it; found out first offer was rejected
Aug. 15 Found out second offer was accepted

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September 07, 2003

It's New to Me

So, I just bought a house and I'm supposed to close on Sept. 17. This is my house blog. I thought it would be cool to document and archive all that is the house.

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