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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Time for a Cardi

Here's my next project, the Minimalist Cardigan, from the fall 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. I just ordered the yarn yesterday. The pattern calls for Lily Chin Signature Collection yarn, but I decided to substitute the Elsebeth Lavold Classic AL, which I just used for the striped sweater. This time I'm going with the garnet color, which is similar to the color of the sweater in the magazine.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Grey and White Stripes

I finished all my seaming and weaving in of ends tonight. Once that was done, I steamed blocked the collar and sewed on the four buttons. I really love this sweater. I find that sometimes the fit with Rebecca patterns is a little wonky, but this sweater fits perfectly. I like the snug fit of the sleeves and how the collar is a bit asymmetrical. I also think the Elsebeth Lavold ClassicAL yarn was a good choice.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Knitting Zone

Sorry for the slow posting, but I'm in a knitting zone. I finished the back and front of the sweater at the end of last week and cast on for both sleeves. I'm almost mid-way through those. Changing colors every two rows helps to break up the monotony of the stockinette stitch. I received a helpful warning via comments that the gauge of this yarn just seemed to get bigger as a project went on, but so far, I think I've been able to maintain my gauge. I hope to start blocking this weekend.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


After work on Friday, I headed out to Fabric Depot to buy some interlock for a class project and to also check out yarns. I decided to go ahead with the striped sweater from Rebecca 34. I wanted to make a red and white striped sweater, but couldn't find a red that I liked. They were all too bright. So I opted for this Elsebeth Lavold ClassicAL in slate grey and ecru. This yarn is a blend of baby alpaca and merino wool and, so far, it feels great to knit.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Up Next

I'm trying to decide on my next project and have been looking at several different patterns. I really like this red and white striped sweater from the latest issue of Rebecca. The foldover button collar is a nice detail. I was trying to get to the Vogue Knitting website, which is apparently under construction, but I did find these great cover patterns. I especially like the broken rib turtleneck dress, basketweave cape, and the colorwork dress. I'm leaning toward the colorwork dress for its retro styling and patternwork, but I'd want to find a substitute for the Skacel Karat, which is a metallic yarn. I'd want something more subtle for daytime and work wear.


Monday, October 08, 2007

Finished Projects

Here's one of the felted Tyrolean stockings. They turned out really nice and keep my feet very cozy and very warm. I also decided to make the Snowball Hat, which is also in the fall issue of Interweave Knits. I had some Lion Brand Kool Wool left over in my stash and used that to knit up the hat is a couple of hours. As the weather is suddenly getting cooler, it's the perfect time for hats and wool socks.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Art & Craft Supply Swap

From DIY Alert...

Art & Craft Supply Swap
Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007
Noon-4 p.m.
The 100th Monkey Studio, 110 SE 16th Avenue
Cost: $5

Bring all those arts and craft supplies that you don't use anymore over to The 100th Monkey Studio, and trade them for all kinds of new supplies! What better way to stock up for your holiday crafting? The array of free-for-the-taking goodies at these swaps is truly mind-blowing.

This swap is for yarns, beads, buttons, papers, rubber stamps, fabrics, sewing notions, art/craft books, paints, drawing materials, and anything else that relates directly to making art or crafts.

Please don't bring discarded items that could be "reclaimed" into other projects. We're big fans of reclaimed materials, but they aren't the best items for this kind of swap. (But you might consider donating them to SCRAP instead.)

Fabrics must be at least 1/2 yard. Please do not bring smaller scraps, or finished or half-finished garments.

Your admission goes directly to The 100th Monkey's Art Scholarship program, and leftover supplies will be donated to Outside In and the Portland Children's Museum.


Monday, October 01, 2007

One Down

I was able to finish one of the stockings this weekend. This photo is before putting it through the wash. I forgot to lengthen the foot a bit more, but hopefully, it won't shrink up that much. Once I got the chart pattern memorized, the knitting started to fly by.

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