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Monday, December 20, 2004

Cable Scarf Pattern

I hope this makes sense! Email me if you have questions.

Materials: I used bulky weight yarn and size 17 needles.
Gauge: 2 st=1 inch
Note: The first and last two stitches are selvedge stitches that will always be worked the same and the five st in between will form your cable.

Cast on nine st.

Row 1 [WS]: Slip first st knitwise through back loop. P to last two st. K 2.
Row 2 [RS]: Slip first st knitwise through back loop. K to end. Repeat these two beginning and ending stitches for every row. Work three more rows, ending with a WS row.

Next row: Work the first two st in the selvedge pattern, then CB2 or CF2, K to end. Repeat this cable row every sixth row.

Work to your desired length. Work one cable row, and then knit four more rows, then bind off. Make two pompoms, one for each end. To attach pompoms, first fold over ends in a Z or S pattern and sew down with yarn ends, depending on whether you cabled back or forward. Sew on pompoms.