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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I spent yesterday morning knitting on a smaller placket to the left front, though the directions didn't call for one. Even though the zipper would be sewn to that unfinished edge, I thought it would be neater with an actual placket, or band, there. I had a bunch of separating zippers in my stash that I thought I could use, but all of them were too short. So I ordered three different zippers from ZipperStop: aluminum, antique brass, and molded plastic. I'll have to decide which one looks best once they arrive in the mail.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Zipping Along

I purchased three different zippers yesterday to test out with the sweater. There were no navy or midnight blue options to choose from, so I opted for a mustard yellow, gray, or black. I ended up going with the black since it matched the most closely. I sewed the sweater closed with a contrasting yarn and also sewed some bias tape along the edges of the sweater for a more finished edge. Next I'll mark the sweater and the zipper for placement and then baste it in place before handsewing with backstitching. Lastly, I'll sew down the collar facing. B will have a new sweater to wear this weekend! Photos to come!

PS Zipper tutorials from ChicKnits and not martha were very helpful.

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