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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Seeing Stripes

I finally got around to taking this picture of me actually wearing the shorts. The quality isn't so great because it's a mirror shot. The weather is much too cold to be wearing these around twon now, so I'll stick them in the closet until spring. Around these parts, that isn't until late April or May!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Zipped Up

Last night in apparel construction class, I sewed in my side seam zippers on the Built by Wendy city shorts. I like how the red of the zippers complement the striped fabric. Our next class project is to create a shrt sample. Everyone will be using the same pattern, so it won't be something I can wear. But it will be a good lesson in construction!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Days = Lots of Crafting

We had another snow day today! There is still lots of snow on the ground, but the main streets seem to be pretty clear. There is another chance of snow tonight, as well as everything refreezing. Who knows what tomorrow will be like? All I can say is that it sure is nice to hang around home and work on projects!

The first project I finished yesterday was the Brooklyn Cap from the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits. I crocheted a chain around the brim for some extra detail. Obviously, it still needs to be felted, but that may be a while since my washing machine is currently out of order due to the renovations in the basement. I also worked on the fronts of the Alexi cardigan and am just a few inches shy of finishing both of those.

My apparel construction 2 and textiles classes were both canceled this week, so I started working on my pants project yesterday and was able to finish up today except for the zippers on the side seams. As I mentioned before, I didn't need to make any alterations when I did the tissue fitting. However, when I sewed the fronts and backs together and was able to try on the shorts, they were huge. So, I ended up taking in the side seams, as well as the rear rise. They fit surprisingly well now, especially with the stretch denim. I really like the pattern and several of the details, like the side zippers, the back fake pocket flaps, and the yoke fronts that are supposed to look like pockets. This is another Built by Wendy pattern, so there is lots of topstitching. I'll post photos when they are completely finished.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Built By Melissa

My Apparel Construction 2 class starts next week and our first project is to make a pair of pants from a commercial pattern that is altered for each individual. I didn't see a great pants pattern, but I liked these city shorts from this Built by Wendy 4110 pattern. I chose this great striped stretch denim for the shorts. You can't tell from the picture, but there are zippers on the side slits. That's a nice detail. I don't often make pants for myself because of past fit problems, so I'm excited to pick up any tips I can. I also had this Built by Wendy 4109 jacket pattern and decided to buy fabric to make the shorter cape. Originally, I wanted this mondo fabric for the cape, but as I browsed the aisles at Fabric Depot, I found this cute apple corduroy from Robert Kaufman. Finally, a couple of sewing projects that will allow me to use my new machines!

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